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  • 02/15/2023 6:24 PM | Thomas Glass (Administrator)

                                        SOPHISTICATED GENTS GENERAL MTG 2/1/23

    4:00 PM Mtg Called to Order by Vernon

    Prayer by Bro. Lamont – Pledge of Allegiance by the Group

    Guest Speaker: Patrice Fisher Chair Friendship Golf Tournament

                                 Ken Fisher Co-Chair (Primary Fund Raiser 4 both groups)

    Vernon: 90% of our funds come from 3 sources ($30K, $10K, $10K)

    Membership Update: Ken Fisher welcomes visitors, Ron Dixon(Pastor Ron Love)

           Pastor Reeves-1st Christian Acamedy, Barry Jones, Daniel Crockett,

           Tracy Scruggs, Mr. Carson (only native Floridian), Bill Munnerland Back Surgery

           Linda’s Homegoing Service very well attended, Lawrence Parker can C colors,

           Earl Cash & Bill Rascoe are back singing with the Dorrel’s.

             Zoom mtg 4 website training with Tom Glass & Art Beady

    Vernon: No minutes last 3 years, no secy., last 2½ years. No Absentee Ballots,

         Decisions made by attendees. Questions about why we are still here, because

        Most people wanted to stay here, plus mgt treats us well and price goes up at

        4pm. Approx $7500.00 available in operating funds, diff. is the Valentine’s Day

        Give Back. 2-16-23 5:30pm-9:30pm Mulberry Rec Ctr. Membership Fee of $25

        Will be rescinded after member has reached 80 years of age & been so for 1

        year. If you have reached 80 you can still donate membership fee, it would help

        with Fund raising as suggested by Lamont. James McKinney & Glenn Hall

        donated $500 & $300 respectively. Donors can specify use of Donation.

    By Laws: Ron Newsome - 501C3 – Very Well written, must be changed regularly,

         No conflicts of interests. Required by IRS, when the organization becomes

         Extinct, remaining funds must be given to another 501C3. By Laws will be held

         Off for vote until the next meeting.

    Vernon: Ins Issue, last year we paid $1200, for ins that the body did not approve.

           We went back to ins. Co., & must meet with them or have them come in as a

           Guest speaker. We are the only club in the Villages (3500 clubs) that has ins.,

           Which was put in place by prior admin. We should have answers in March.

    Upcoming: 1.) Feb 16th – Valentine’s Day, 2.) June 3rd Scholarship Luncheon Colony Rec Ctr., 3.) Oct 26th Jazz / Motown (Vernon Neal/Paul O’Rielly)

    4.) Jan 24 Variety/Talent Show, 5.) Mar 24th Blk / White Ball (1st or 2nd week) –

        Eisenhower Rec Ctr. (not a fund raiser). 6.) St Patrick’s Day Parade Need Help

        James McKinney - 2 golf carts, 8 to 10 people. 7.) Possible Super Bowl Event


          Sumpter County Election Board – Mar 19, Aug 20, Nov 5 – Must work all 3.

          Eustis Parade, will consider 4 next year due to lateness of notification

          2 parades: Royal & Leesburg – Great turnout

          Valentine’s Day need 1 more volunteer.

    Dave Sneed, VP  “African American History Advanced Placement:”

               To Important for us Not To Know About Our History.

               All Churches should say something about it.

               Talk about it wherever you gather, contact your Churches, etc’

                           RESPECFULLY SUBMITTED  RICK JENKINS

  • 01/14/2023 6:40 PM | Riccardo Jenkins (Administrator)

    That anonymous donation was $30K, not $50K.  

    Sorry about that.


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Our Mailing Address:
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     P.O. Box 157
     Lady Lake, FL 32158-0157

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